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Choose the city of flowers departure, then select the destination and the number of boxes. The system automatically calculates the average price of the entire delivery.

Cargo tracking

You can independently monitor the dynamics and delivery status by the order identification number.

No lost documents

In your personal account is stored not only general information on the goods, but also all accompanying documentation, which can be downloaded in one click.


You can easily verify at what stage the delivery of your goods is. In order to check the dynamics or the status of the delivery, enter the identification number of the order.

Find out where your cargo is now

The identification number is assigned when the order is confirmed. You can find it in section “Details of the order” in your personal account

Why we are the best?

Cargo inspection and control at all stages of delivery

No spoiled or mixed up flowers. Accurate timing of delivery.

Strict compliance with the temperature regime and careful attention to the flowers

It means that you get fresh flowers in perfect condition. Receive and sell!

Registration and full documentary support

We'll take care about full documentary support, including collection and preparation of documents and customs clearance.


We have nothing to hide from our customers - you can check and track our work from the moment of placing the order to receiving the cargo.